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Life insurance is the cornerstone for any financial planning program. Protect what matters most to you; your family. Work with our agents to determine whether you need to replace income for dependents, pay final expenses, create inheritance or contributions for heirs or charities, or a combination of these and more.


Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is purchased for a limited period of time to cover a known expense such as college costs or the term of a loan or debt. It is typically the lowest cost because of the know time-period and is well suited for individuals and business with specific financial plans.


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life offers a death benefit with an attached savings element. The savings grows with predetermined dividends as you pay the agreed premium. See Paula Palmer's personal life insurance story..


Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance could also be called adjustable. This is a more flexible, permanent form of insurance than whole life. This savings element earns money at a rate of interest. It also has flexibility with use of the savings in regards to applying the savings toward premium payments.


Long Term Care

Long-term care is available for a variety of coverage options to assist in the costs associated with an individual's needs for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, or home health care.


Fixed Rate Annuities

An annuity can be set up so that you may receive payments from your investment earnings on a tax- deferred basis. Often allowing for fixed-interest rates, annuities can offer protection against market swings with your initial investment.


Key Employee Life

For many businesses, specific positions and employees can be crucial due to their earning potential. A life insurance policy purchased by the business, with the individuals permission, can offer some protection of changes in the business due to the death of a key person.

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