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Dexter is where our building stands and where our mail goes, but it is so much more than that to us.  It is our home; where our families live, our friends gather, and our future awaits.


It is the place we want to share and the place we enjoy belonging to.  We feel responsibility and dedication to the success and well-being of all who claim this community and area as their own. We have enjoyed standing alongside each other through amazing successes and changing times knowing that each moment brings us greater understanding and opportunity to serve each other.


We have been blessed to be part of so many groups and events with gifts of sponsorship and service.  We enjoy being partners with our neighbors in Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Pinckney, and beyond. 


We pledge to remain dedicated and supportive to our partners and causes that matter to our mission and vision.  We firmly believe that partnering with like-minded organizations for the health and benefit of our entire area will allow for the greatest successes for all!

The Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce

Palmer Insurance has been a charter member, in good standing, since the inception and incorporation of the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce.  We are an active event and mission Sponsor to ensure that our support threads through all of the promotion and engagement the DACC does for our community and its membership.  We were awarded the Hall of Fame Award for our long-standing commitment and engagement.


Our President, Paula M. Palmer, has served as a Director of the Board, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, President, and multiple committee chairs for events; Apple Daze, Annual Golf Outing, Winter Festival, and more, as well as the Marketing Committee, Nomination Committee, and Finance Committee.  Currently, she serves as a DACC Ambassador.


We will continue to be an active and involved Chamber Team Member through sponsorship and participation. To read more about Paula Palmer's commitment to the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce, read about it here.

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With mutual passion toward the promotion and advancement of our area, we began partnering with We Love Dexter in 2012.


We admire and support their efforts to keep our community engaged as well as broaden our influence and reach to people everywhere.


We stand alongside their mission to celebrate Dexter one story at a time.

1290AM in Ann Arbor: Lucy Ann Lance

Through our involvement with the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce, we were blessed to form a relationship with Lucy Ann and Dean of Lance and Erskine Communications. We admire their dedication to bringing awareness to local communities and groups through all that they do. We were able to be integral in bringing the Lucy Ann Lance Show to the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce's Dexter Daze festival beginning in 2013.  

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